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  Northern Ireland - November 2004  (192 Slides)     [Page 1 of 13] :: Jump To  
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Sitting At YEG * Kyle and Bryan look at me funny while sitting at the Edmonton Airport. * 1536 x 1002 * (363KB)
Belfast City Airport * This is the outside of the Belfast City Airport. I took this picture right before uttering the immortal line,
Ayan Waves! * Ayan waves hello to us; unfortunately my awesome photography skills neglected to advise me of the chair obstructing her face. * 1536 x 1002 * (341KB)
Fish Chips * Bryan snacks on the local delicacy of
Kyle & Manon * I don't really remember the story behind this picture, sorry. This is Manon and Kyle, our chaperones. * 1536 x 1002 * (272KB)
  Sitting At YEG  
  Belfast City Airport  
  Ayan Waves!  
  Fish Chips  
  Kyle & Manon  
Everyone Outside * This is everyone standing outside our hostel. Unfortunately the large garbage bin that defined our location is not in this picture. :( The redhead in the left foreground is Karen - she is not a leprechaun, though. * 1536 x 1002 * (474KB)
Some Church * I think this was a church that was on our block; I just really like the angle I took the picture at. Beautiful architecture! (I probably spelled that wrong) * 1536 x 1002 * (418KB)
Kyle Loves Coke * Kyle and the minivan that he wished Jeanette would let him buy. * 1536 x 1002 * (394KB)
Guinness Time * They don't have any of that
Loyalist Mural 1 * This begins the pictures of the murals we saw over there - however, a disclaimer. I only have pictures of the Loyalist murals, because I ran out of film before we saw many Nationalist artwork. I'm sure many will assume that I am being partisan though, given my hair colour at the end of the trip... :D * 1536 x 1002 * (441KB)
  Everyone Outside  
  Some Church  
  Kyle Loves Coke  
  Guinness Time  
  Loyalist Mural 1  
Ulster Remains British * Another Loyalist mural - the pictures don't do the experience of seeing these things justice; the tours we took around was just an amazing day; I'm sure Kyle will agree that perspectives and knowledge was greatly changed after that day. * 1536 x 1002 * (453KB)
Another Loyalist Mural * Here's another one... I took all of these pictures thinking I had more film. Hopefully others have more pictures they can add though. * 1536 x 1002 * (385KB)
Street * In the midst of all of these murals, you just see a normal street... it was quite striking to me, though the picture seems boring. I felt it captured the attempt for normalcy in the midst of conflict really well.

Or, it might just be a street with a garbage can. I guess it's all in how you look at it. * 1536 x 1002 * (544KB)
Loyalist Mural Again * Here is another mural; I took lots of pictures of these. Again, if anyone from the trip has pictures of the Catholic murals please let me know and I can add them in here for a bit more balance. * 1536 x 1002 * (394KB)
Katie and the Mural * I really like this shot of Katie taking a picture of the mural; I just think it looks cool. * 1536 x 1002 * (429KB)
  Ulster Remains British  
  Another Loyalist Mural  
  Loyalist Mural Again  
  Katie and the Mural  
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