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  Northern Ireland - November 2004  (192 Slides)     [Page 13 of 13] :: Jump To  
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Everyone Eats * I assume we're eating. * 1536 x 1002 * (302KB)
Belfast City Hall during Day * City Hall in daylight * 1536 x 1002 * (361KB)
Virgin Megastore * The Virgin Megastore wasn't so mega; West Edmonton Mall has desensitized me I guess * 1002 x 1536 * (484KB)
Manon's Place * You know, Manon insisted on going here and wouldn't let us leave for a good hour! * 1536 x 1002 * (310KB)
Best Food EVER * BEST. CAKES. EVER. * 1536 x 1002 * (374KB)
  Everyone Eats  
  Belfast City Hall during Day  
  Virgin Megastore  
  Manon's Place  
  Best Food EVER  
Marks & Spencer * So I wanted to remember the best cake store ever, sue me? :D * 1536 x 624 * (235KB)
Merry Christmas * Merry From Belfast Christmas!
(no one said the Northern Irish were sticklers for grammar) * 1536 x 1002 * (299KB)
Bryan Bowls * Bryan puts all his energy into bowling. * 1536 x 1002 * (300KB)
Ayan Bowls * Ayan either does a dance move from
We Bowl More * Everyone else gets into the bowling spirit. * 1536 x 1002 * (364KB)
  Marks & Spencer  
  Merry Christmas  
  Bryan Bowls  
  Ayan Bowls  
  We Bowl More  
Bowling * More bowling. More spirit. * 1536 x 1002 * (342KB)
Group Shot Again * Standing in the lobby of the Gordon Wilson Centre; this is a few minutes after Laura has made us weep with a rendition of
  Group Shot Again  
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