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  Northern Ireland - November 2004  (192 Slides)     [Page 3 of 13] :: Jump To  
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The Bush Family * Ah, the wedding of Laura and George Bush. Otherwise known as Brenda and Eoin. * 1002 x 1536 * (518KB)
Big Red Dildo * Um... no comment, Katie B. * 1002 x 1536 * (484KB)
Roundaboutaholic *
I Heart Roundabouts *
Mary * And the star of our show, Mary Go'Round. * 1536 x 1002 * (406KB)
  The Bush Family  
  Big Red Dildo  
  I Heart Roundabouts  
Dancing * I think we are doing the chicken dance here. * 1536 x 1002 * (406KB)
Le Coast * Again. More ocean. It's gaw-geous. * 1536 x 1002 * (348KB)
Ocean 1 * One of many ocean/coastal pictures. I have an ocean fetish. * 1536 x 1002 * (384KB)
When We Go Round * Ah, yes, the notorious
Why Rob Why * Just so we're clear, I do not normally dress up in paper and dance around. * 1536 x 1002 * (418KB)
  Le Coast  
  Ocean 1  
  When We Go Round  
  Why Rob Why  
Tangling * I think I got messed up and tangled in here. * 1536 x 1002 * (367KB)
Smallest Church Ever * This is the smallest chuch in Ireland, apparently. I'm trying to think of something witty to say, but I can't... * 1536 x 1002 * (622KB)
Coast Again * More coast pictures.
Man, I hate living in a landlocked area. * 1536 x 1002 * (333KB)
More Coast Again * Yet more coast. I really love these pictures, sorry guys. * 1536 x 1002 * (345KB)
Cave * Me standing at the foot of a cave, but the picture didn't focus correctly. Damn you Olympus! * 1002 x 1536 * (442KB)
  Smallest Church Ever  
  Coast Again  
  More Coast Again  
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